What happens in my sessions?

Yoga sessions

Each yoga session includes a warm up, usually to music - this shakes tension out of joints and muscles, frees the breathing, often includes a good laugh, and begins to get energy moving around the body.

Then there will usually be an energy block release. EBR's are graceful and powerful sequences of flowing movement designed specifically to free energy blockages on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

There will also be postures and sequences - for instance the moon sequence (emotionally calming) or salutation to the earth (grounding and stabilising).

Breath awareness is a focus. Simple yogic breathing is sometimes included - particularly the Complete Breath or Deep Yogic Breath.

I always finish with guided deep relaxation, usually 30 mins, sometimes including visualisation.

Sometimes we end with a short period of sitting meditation.

To close the session we listen to the bell to bring us back to the present moment, ready to go back to the rest of our lives ...


Movement to music and relaxation sessions


These are very gentle - designed to be accessible by even the weak and weary, with many modifications and the option to remain sitting but still join in. Some of the stretches and exercises are done sitting down by the whole group.

Another title for these could be 'the art of relaxation' because there are many simple things we can do to aid relaxation.

In these sessions we will often have short 'pair shares' - connecting with ourselves, with others.

We do simple breathing awareness, while sitting, and body scans - cultivating acceptance and awareness of how we are right now.

We do some movement to music and stretch out and let go physically.

We end with a guided deep relaxation, under a blanket.



(NB these metta bhavana sessions are on a break during summer 2017, May to September inclusive) I am offering practice of metta bhavana - cultivation of loving kindness meditation, for ourselves and for the world - monthly at the Unitarian church in Chorlton  (see 'classes'). In these sessions we spend some time sitting, with some verbal instruction from me, some silence, using the bell to punctuate and guide our evening. We also often have a cup of tea and a chance to share how it's working for us, or not.