'The class nourishes  and nurtures me, providing a haven of peace and light , a place to refuel and connect to earth on a Tuesday night ... lovely ...'

'Tuesday night yoga is an opportunity to gently but mindfully let go of the busyness and stress of the day and come back to myself, such a lovely way to stretch and relax'

'I always leave Hil's dru yoga class feeling refreshed, relaxed and uplifted in body and soul'

'The sessions bring me to a place of peace and deep relaxation, both in mind and body. Attending regularly helps keep my back supple and pain free'

'I came originally to strengthen my core, but I find I enjoy the relaxation very much and benefit from it'

'When I came home from your session last week my husband said to me "You've gone normal again, your posture's back" (Spinal cancer patient)

'Since I've been coming my back has grown stronger and stronger'

'I feel much freer in my body after the class'

'I feel lighter somehow after that class'

'That is the best yoga relaxation I have ever had in my life!' 

Testimonials for Movement to Music and Relaxation sessions

'That was wonderful, my back pain, which has been really bad, has almost completely gone' Attendee, Prestbury, May 2016.

'It's the best medicine we could have' Attendee, Prestbury, May 2016.

'I just wanted to say, AGAIN, how fantastic the feedback is to your therapeutic session. It really is worthwhile and all attendees come out glowing with calmness and energy'. Hassan Pillai, co-ordinator, Prestbury Cancer Care Centre, April 2016.

'The sound of the bell touched me so deeply - I have no words for how deeply that affected me. I found it wonderfully healing'

'That meditation has set me right again'

'That relaxation really worked for me - I can't do this mindfulness stuff, but that relaxation really worked'.


Questions are always welcome

Please feel free to phone 0161 445 3914 or email me hil.b@zen.co.uk.