About me

I live in South Manchester and I have a lifelong interest in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.

I offer yoga classes for the general public, and 'routes to relaxation' sessions in cancer care settings around the North West. I am also a member of a Zen buddhist sangha and a meditation facilitator in various settings, and a student of Robin Hensman.

I myself have had cancer. I'm very happy to work 121 using a mix of movement, breathing, and teaching relaxation skills, to support anyone going through cancer, or their carers and friends. Please contact me with any enquiries to see if I can be of help.

I expect attempts at broadscale social control to continue and intensify, until we begin to stand up and reclaim our natural god-given freedoms. I am almost entirely sceptical about the given covid/lockdown scenario and see many logical inconsistencies, and facts that demonstrate this is about control not illness. You don't have to share my views to benefit from doing yoga with me, but these are my views.