• 2015 certificated to teach 'Be calm, be happy'  an introduction to mindfulness.
  • 2014 Yoga Breathing workshop with Saraswati Neville
  • 2013 Dru Yoga Postgraduate Foundation course in Yoga for Back Care
  • 2009 Kairos Foundation License to teach The Power of Self-Esteem
  • 2008 Restorative Practice Certificate (mediation skills), Level 2
  • 2008 Developing Mediation Skills, Interpersonal Comunication, Level 3
  • 2004 Dru Yoga Teacher's Diploma
  • 1999 BTEC Creative therapy, Stockport College
  • 1999 Introduction to Counselling (Basic Counselling Skills), Manchester University
  • 1984 Batchelor of Fine Art, Distinction, Oxford University


  • 2 month Winter retreat 2017/2018 practising mindfulness in a zen monastic tradition
  • Thirty + years meditation experience
  • Fifteen years teaching dru yoga
  • More to Life (personal development programme) practitioner
  • Student of Robin Hensman, practising peace of mind through self-study
  • Member of Zen buddhist traditionThe Community of Interbeing, founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. Part of facilitator group leading these sessions.
  • Have taught in a wide range of settings, including psychological support groups, gyms, sessions for specific groups (for instance those with cancer) and my own ongoing general classes

  • I have a special interest in relaxation and can offer guidance in learning this skill