what happens in a typical dru yoga class?

24/06/2012 19:22

dru yoga is a modern school of yoga which has evolved new and flowing forms of yogic movement

in every dru session you will get

  • an aerobic activation (usually to some funky music) - this allows you to loosen the joints, get the circulation going and most importantly warm up your muscles. The activation part of dru yoga makes it particularly safe - the body is always warmed up before it is stretched.
  • an energy block release - this is a sequence of flowing movements designed to stretch and release the whole body, especially taking the spine through its full range of movement
  • some dru posture work or dru sequence - dru has a very rich palette of sequences which range from dynamic to very gentle movement. When we do the tree for instance, in dru, we do it in a flowing style. This is not only enjoyable and graceful but also enhances the balancing nature of the pose - because you move while you balance.
  • deep relaxation, savasana - I offer a full half an hour's deep relaxation, using gentle imagery and music to allow you to release completely and access your natural states of peace and vitality

you may also get some pranayama, breathing techniques which can reduce stress and promote clarity of mind, and meditation


dru is particularly good at modifications - that is, different ways of doing things to meet the needs of your body at any given time. In my class, for instance, if you are suffering from sciatica, you will know (and be gently reminded by me) to avoid forward bends.

Because different people have different needs there is an understanding that we don't all have to do the same thing at the same time. There is room for you to go at your own pace, or to rest when you need to. There are modifications for most things - in the few cases where there aren't, resting out and visualising is always available.