yoga resources

26/06/2012 11:10

I'm using  'yoga' on this page in its widest sense to mean the whole body of practices which help us to wake up to who we are and participate fully in our experience.

self development

More to Life, a  unique fusion of cognitive insights, buddhist-influenced practices, witnessing group work and tools for personal truth seeking, I highly recommend it:


Meditation is the essence of unshareable experience, but paradoxically it is best done in a group. As the Vietnamese zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says 'Without a sangha you will get lost'. A sangha is a group of people who meditate together.

Whatever the form of spiritual practice that is speaking to you, that is raising you up, that you find you are actually doing, it will support you hugely to find a group to do it with. Keep on going until you find a group where you feel comfortable, where you want to go, that you look forward to (the same with yoga - there is so much choice these days, don't persist in something that does not fully attract you - although nothing is a perfect fit you should feel enthusiastic about your spiritual practice and network, accepted by others there and treated with full respect, or equality, by any in leadership positions. That's my view anyway!)

Here is a link to the best group meditation framework in the UK that I know of:

my writing

Here is an essay I wrote for a qualification I never in fact completed with the Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship which my tutor was kind enough to suggest I might publish. CYF Essay 6, The immortal true 'I' and reincarnation.doc (116 kB)

right nourishment - you tube?

As part of my buddhist practice I am committed to right nourishment - not only through food but through anything which I consume, including culture. On this subject I encourage everyone who is interested to access spiritual teachings through you tube. I particularly recommend Thich Nhat Hanh and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar .

To be able to access wonderful spiritual teachings (from 2 minutes to 2 hours long) immediately, in the comfort of your own surroundings is a really unprecedented human situation - enjoy, expand!